On our way to York

Hello and welcome to “Stories of York”. Yes, for the very first time a report in English.

In October 1994 The Language Centre organised a journey to York. Nine of its pupils and director Mark Patttison went to Great Britain while poor old Rachel held the front in Dortmund.

On Friday, 30th September at 16.17 we left Dortmund and went to Düsseldorf Airport, where we met the rest of the group. At 19.25 we took off from Düsseldorf. Immediately everybody spoke only English. We arrived shortly before 21.00 at the place, where Britain’s favourite pop band for the time being “Take That” came from – Manchester. Luckily the strike was over and British Rail was back on the rails. So the train took us to York, where we arrived at 11 p.m. Our hosts were already waiting for us and took us and our luggage to our accommodation. After a good night’s sleep we were ready to see the city of York.

Die Fotos zur Reise finden Sie in meiner Gallery


accommodation (nur Singular!) = Unterkunft