Farewell to York

Our very last breakfast on British soil was an English one. Mrs. Norris busily prepared it in the kitchen and we all enjoyed it. Then we had to say goodbye to Rosie.

Before we all met at the station, where our transport manager Mr. Pattison senior had already brought our luggage, we went through the streets of York.

The streets of York follow the medieval pattern superimposed on the roads of the Roman legionary fortress. Stonegate has been a street for over 1 900 years. The Shambles, which is 1000 years old, was the street of the butchers for centuries.

York’s Lord Mayor ranks second only to London’s in the kingdom. His official residence is a fine example of Georgian architecture and was built between 1725 and 1730. It is still used as the residence for the Lord Mayor during his term of office, which lasts for only one year.

Now the time had come to say goodbye. The Pattisons and Mark Barret had come to the station.
A very nice journey had come to an end.

At the end of this report I’d like to say “thank you” to Mr. Pattison, who sacrificed so much of his time for us and also to Mark and his mother who had so much to do, to organise this tour. We also thank our hosts Mark and Helen Barret and, of course, Mrs. Norris, or may I say Jay: she was extremely kind.

Yes, that’s it. Thank you all for reading. I hope I haven’t spoilt the English language too much.

Kirschen Cherry not Sherry!

Die Fotos zur Reise finden Sie in meiner Gallery


superimposed on sth. = etw. überlagern

term of office = Amtszeit

to sacrifice = opfern

host, hostess = Gastgeber, Gastgeberin