A trip to the coast

On Monday Mark rented a minibus for us and drove us to the coast. Our first stop was Whitby where we arrived after a morning coffee in a pub.

Whitby with the Abbey in the background. The ruins date back to the 13/14th century. The Jacobsladder with its 199 steps leads to the Norman St. Mary’s Church. In Whitby we find a statue of Captain James Cook, who was trained here. In 1890 Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, visited Whitby. Dracula’s coffin is said to have spent some nights here, too.

Half an hour later we drove to Robin Hood’s Bay, a picturesque fishing-village, where an old friend of the Pattisons’ showed us round. There have been wild speculations on the origin of the village’s name. The abbot of Whitby is said to have offered the outlaws a royal pardon, if they destroyed the pirates’ holes on this coast. – Mark and his brother used to spend their holidays in Robin Hood’s Bay. Again and again land and even houses have fallen into the sea. Some years ago a concrete dam was built to prevent more land from falling into the sea.

In the late afternoon we arrived in Scarborough. Scarborough is a popular seaside resort with marvellous beaches. After a visit to a fish and chip restaurant, which wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea and to a pub, we went to the beach.

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coffin = Sarg

picturesque = malerisch

to show round = führen

abbot = Abt

pardon = Begnadigung

concrete dam = Betondamm