York Minster

York Minster (the name derives from the Latin word monasterium) is not only England’s biggest cathedral, it is indeed the largest medieval Cathedral north of the Main. It is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture. The building started in 1220 and was finished in 1472. On the site of the cathedral stood the Roman headquarters and two earlier churches.
The great east window of the Minster – the world’s largest area of medieval stained glass in a single window – was made between 1405 and 1408. It depicts the beginning and end of the world, using scenes from Genesis and the Book of Revelation.

The Five Sisters’ Window is the oldest complete window in the Minster. It contains green and grey “grisaille” glass in geometric patterns.

The Choir, built in the late 14th century in the Perpendicular style, is where the daily services are held. The high altar and sanctuary are the focal point of worship in the Minster.

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stained glass = farbiges Glasfenster, Glasmalereien

to depict = darstellen

Book of Revelation = die Offenbarung [des Johannes]

grisaille = [frz. grisaille, zu: gris = grau]: Malkunst in grauen, auch bräunlichen und grünlichen Farbtönen

Perpendicular style = Perpendikularstil: durch das Vorherrschen der senkrechten Linien gekennzeichneter Baustil der engl. Spätgotik (14.-16. Jahrhundert)

service, worship = Gottesdienst

sanctuary = Altarraum