Storm, Marjolijn: Agatha Christie’s The mysterious affair at Styles in German and Dutch translations


The remarkable case of the six Poirots

Leiden, Boston: Brill Rodopi, 2016. VII, 337 S.
ISBN 978-90-04-30931-9

he detailed analysis of the original text, three German and two Dutch translations of The Mysterious Affair at Styles however shows that his depiction differs immensely between the individual texts. In the course of this book, reasons for these differences are found via the analysis of the shifts of status of Agatha Christie as an author, of detective fiction and of translations from English in Germany and the Netherlands. During this exploration the discovery will be made that, when translated, escapist literature such as Christie’s detective fiction actually becomes a highly political affair.

Bestand: Kri Chr(b)Sto:Aga (2016:0123)

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